About Aquarium Village

Do you spend hours a week or sometimes every day trying to make your tank look the best it can possibly be? Do you love to just stare at your fish, coral, plants and other life in your tank? Do you go to your tank and take one last glance just before you go to sleep at night? Well, if so, then you are an aquarium enthusiast.

At Aquarium Village we take pride in the fact that we care about your tank as much as you do. We are extreme hobbyists, who happen to have expert knowledge about this compelling hobby. We like to hear your stories, share in your success and help you with your challenges.

We are a 100% aquarium only store. We offer brand name aquarium supplies, equipment and a complete range of fish, both fresh and salt, as well as inverts, corals, plants and livestock from all over the world. We work with over 30 different regions of the world in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and the USA and surrounding Caribbean Islands. We receive multiple shipments every week, bringing you the most diverse and largest selection of livestock anywhere.

We carry everything you need for you aquarium including dozens of brands of food, filters, standard and custom tanks, protein skimmers, chillers, UV sterilizers, reactors, pumps, powerheads, lighting and anything else you can think of. If we do not have it, we can get it. We have accounts with most major companies and distributors.

We also have a complete maintenance and service division. All of our maintenance and service employees are exclusive to us and they also work in our shop during the week.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced hobbyist, our well-trained staff is here to provide you with the highest customer service for all your aquarium needs.

To learn more about Aquarium Village, please:
  • Call us at (516) 333-0682.
  • Email us at info@nyaquariumvillage.com.
  • Visit our store at 461 Old Country Road; Westbury, New York 11590.
  • Located one block west of The Cheesecake Factory. We have plenty of FREE parking in the back!