Our Team


Owner of Aquarium Village

Hello everyone and welcome to our website. It became my dream to create an aquarium store for customers to have a great experience. I wanted this store to be a place that I would be happy to go to if I was the customer. Aquarium Village is a product of hard work, hiring knowledgeable and personable staff that share my vision buying the right products and most of all listening to the customers. My goals for this store are simple ones. We treat people as we would want to be treated, have the widest and healthiest selection of fish, coral, plants and livestock possible and to make your experience at Aquarium Village one that you want to revisit again and again. Our stock is always changing and we get shipments 3-5 times per week. We are committed to being able to order and get you anything you need. Special orders and finding what you need is our pleasure. We look forward to seeing you at Aquarium Village.



Manager of Aquarium Village

As manager, Rocco is the heart and soul of Aquarium Village. At first, Rocco’s infinite Knowledge of this hobby gets overshadowed by his commitment to provide the best customer service in the hobby. Rocco’s quiet manner belies his vast knowledge of fresh water, saltwater, coral, equipment and understanding of what this hobby is all about. Rocco is a true animal lover and his number one priority is the survival and health of these delicate animals. As soon as Rocco engages you in conversation, you know immediately that you have come to the right place.



Associate of Aquarium Village

Jesse is the young gun. Jesse has a voracious appetite for knowledge. Not a day goes by when he has not acquired some information about a new product or a new trend in the industry. Let us not forget about his knowledge of fish, coral, equipment and solving plumbing problems. Customers love to have Jesse wait on them because of his passion, knowledge and individual attention he gives you. Don’t hesitate to share or run your ideas by him and he will research and find out about it.



Associate of Aquarium Village

Long Island Andy, as he in known to many of his followers, is an amazing asset to Aquarium Village. You can always trust Andy to share his extensive knowledge and to be honest and spend all the time you need to make your aquarium experience the best it can be. Andy is a well respected member of the Long Island Reef Association [LIRA], with over 40 years of experience in the hobby. Not everyone knows this, but Andy is also an expert on Koi. Andy was highly sought after by many stores on Long Island and I am extremely happy to have him at Aquarium Village as my expert and go to employee and more importantly as my friend.



Associate of Aquarium Village

Judy, Judy, Judy. Judy is one of the most genuinely likeable individuals that I have ever met. She is engaging, pleasantly conversational and as soon as you start to speak to her you are impressed with her vast knowledge and genuine love of animals and people. Judy adds a sense of familiarity and hominess that sets Aquarium Village apart from any other store.





Associate of Aquarium Village

Steve is very passionate about animals. He has been studying about animals and animal care for many years. Steve gets great pleasure from sharing his knowledge with people. This passion and knowledge about our livestock ensures every customer the attention and benefits of his experiences.






To learn more about Aquarium Village, please:
  • Call us at (516) 333-0682.
  • Email us at info@nyaquariumvillage.com.
  • Visit our store at 461 Old Country Road; Westbury, New York 11590.