Service & Maintenance

All of our service technicians are exclusive employees of Aquarium Village. We do not use contractors or outside service companies to perform maintenance, service, installations or consultations on your valuable and prized tank and equipment. Another advantage of our service technicians is that each of them works in the shop at least 2 days a week. This allows the service client to come in to speak with them and possibly discuss equipment, supplies or livestock to bring on their next visit.


The two most common reasons for a consultation are:

  1. You are purchasing a new tank and you need help determining the size of the tank and the amount of space that will be needed to install and perform service. At this time we can discuss the equipment needed based on the type of tank you want to keep. We will also discuss the logistics and any concerns about the placement of the tank set up.
  2. You need an experienced technician to come to your home, office or place of work to evaluate your current set up. The purpose of this type of consultation can be to evaluate a problem you may be having with your tank, equipment or livestock. We can also evaluate your equipment and current tank if you are looking for an upgrade in size or just a piece of equipment you need replaced or added.

This is the time to discuss any problems and to ask any questions you have regarding you tank, equipment or livestock. Usually the technician will not perform a service at this time, unless prior arrangements have been made.


An experienced technician or team will come to your location to install a new tank system or a piece of equipment that you are replacing or upgrading. This service also includes a tank that may need to be relocated either in your current location or to a totally new location.


A flat fee is charged for a consultation unless there is work to be done immediately after the consultation. This will be determined before the technician comes to your location.

Installation, service or maintenance will be billed at an hourly rate according to the time the technician spends at the location and the agreed upon rate. Rates can vary depending on whether the client has a service contract or if the service call is just “call as needed.”

Service contracts with a discounted rate are available for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or any other planned time frame. Service contracts can be signed for a year or for multiple years.


Each technician has his own phone where they can be reached. The technician will give you that number if you need to contact him for future appointments or for emergency service. Please keep in mind that each technician has other clients and may be working on another person’s tank when you try to call. You can always call the shop to speak to someone who is working that day.

To make your first appointment or to inquire about any of the in-home/office/workplace services, please contact the store at (516) 333-0682 or you can email us at

Someone will be happy to assist you. You can also stop in and speak to one of our staff members in person.

To learn more about Aquarium Village, please:
  • Call us at (516) 333-0682.
  • Email us at
  • Visit our store at 461 Old Country Road; Westbury, New York 11590.
  • Located one block west of The Cheesecake Factory. We have plenty of FREE parking in the back!