Retail Services

At Aquarium Village, we take pride in being one of the best aquarium stores around. Being the best requires many pieces fitting together like a giant jigsaw puzzle.


When you visit our store, you can see a wide variety of tanks; from .5 gallon to 300 gallons size, stands, filters, decorations, and all the equipment and supplies necessary for your hobby needs. Many of our customers visit weekly with family and friends to see our latest livestock acquisitions and chat with our staff.


Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in the hobby. This makes for a highly skilled staff who are also extreme hobbyists. Each member of our staff is passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to spending time with each and every customer, whether it is to buy a $5 can of food or a $5000 tank set up.

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When it comes to livestock, you have to see it to believe it. We have over 6000 gallons of well stocked tanks. Saltwater is our specialty. We stock up to 1000 pieces of coral at any given time. In addition to our many tanks with beautiful fish, we also have a section dedicated to tank raised fish specializing in a wide variety of clown fish and designer clown fish. We import fish from Indonesia, Bali, Philippines, Hawaii, Africa, Jakarta, Red Sea, Australia, the Caribbean and the good old USA. We have a large selection of fresh water fish including South American and African cichlids, discus, goldfish, koi and a wide assortment of tropical fish and plants in our special fresh water section. Last but not least is our varied invertebrate section where we specialize in the rare and unusual.


I can say with confidence that Aquarium Village carries the largest and most varied supply of food, equipment, tanks, lighting, stands, and various products for all your needs. Special custom orders are a service we take seriously and we will research and locate almost anything you throw at us. We are gold and diamond distributors for numerous vendors. We also have accounts with many distributors who have access to just about any company in the industry. We stock plumbing tubing, backgrounds, live rock, sand, and many products too numerous to list.

To learn more about Aquarium Village, please:
  • Call us at (516) 333-0682.
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  • Visit our store at 461 Old Country Road; Westbury, New York 11590.